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Ergonomics Questions

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Your ergnomics questions prepared for homework.  How many can you answer?





1-What should you do if you have pain in your wrist?

2- What should you do if your feet do not reach the ground?  
3 What is the meaning of ergonomics?  
4 What can you do to avoid backache, eye strain and shoulder pain?   
5  Change your position every 3 hr to allow muscles to relax or sit with comfort . T or F?  
6 You must using chairs with armrests. T or F   

7 Your feet should be on the floor or a footrest. T or F? 


8 You should take a break from typing every 15 minutes. T or F?

9 You must sit at the computer if you have pain in the you neck. T or F?  
10 It's not important be sure to read just the monitor title after ajusting the monitor neight. T or F?  
11. You must use an adjustable keyboard tray if needed. T or F?  
12. You should change your position every 60 minutes. T or F?   

13 You will be comfortable if you sit on a chair with armrests when typing.  T or F? 


14 If you have short legs it is better to use a computer without a footrest.  T or F? 

15  If you have pain in your arms or neck you should change the chair to suit your body.  T or F?


16. Feet should not be on the floor. T or F? F
17. When have pain in your neck you must change the position of your chair and computer. T or F? T



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