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AT3 case study marking criteria

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Assessment 3: Case Study in Quality Management




Q1 6 marks for problems, 6 marks for reasons




1 Jassim/Ali’s work not good

Lazy, not trained

2 Mariam/Mona has too much work

Doctors give her all the work

3 Reception not clean

Cleaning staff not doing a good job; not cleaned every day; no litter bins

4 Computers don’t work

Not maintained, viruses, old machines

5 Patients complain about telephone technique

Receptionists doing 2 jobs, telephones in busy reception area

6 Patients wait a long time

Computers not working, receptionists taking telephone calls, receptionists slow



Q2 12 marks


Solutions to problems


1 Training, performance evaluation

2 Improve Jassim/Ali’s work or sack him

3 Better cleaning staff, audit checklist, CQI, clean more often

4 New computers or have staff to check computers

5 Move telephones to another room

6 Employ staff to take telephone calls.



Q3 Ideas to include in a quality improvement plan (CQI), motivate staff, improve maintenance of equipment 6 marks




Aaw/dee/AT3 case study marking criteria/11/30/10

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