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BO2 Customer Service Ideas

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Registration: quick and accurate. Appointments: ask patients when is a good time, accurate patient details and time, tell doctor and schedule correctly. Organise files so that they are found quickly, make sure data is filed correctly, get files for the doctor when needed.

Telephone: answer in 3 or 4 rings, answer questions to give information, speak slowly and be calm, take messages correctly, repeat information to make sure it's correct. Communicate well and show respect. Make sure patient information is confidential. 

Cleaning and hygiene  Outside should be clean with no rubbish, corridors and walls should be clean,  decontamination of equipment using correct cleaning fluids, change and clean bed sheets every day, use good equipment and cleaning fluids, sterilisation fluid for all staff and visitors, cleaning staff should wear overalls and be trained.  All equipment should be sterilised. Rubbish disposal is correct for clinical waste. Odour control - don't allow eating in reception.
Inpatients  Comfortable bed and chair, size of room, private room, TV, phone, bell to ring for help from the nurses, nurses checking regularly, nurses smile and helpful, windows for fresh air, lockable cupboard, healthy food

Staff: good treatment - good medical knowledge and good personal treatment of patient. Medical staff should be experienced and have good qualifications. Communicate well and show respect. Make sure patient information is confidential. 

Equipment: Up-to-date, maintenance to make sure the equipment works well,

Reception, waiting room and signs  Receptionists must communicate (smile), quiet with room to move, signs should help patients find rooms and facilities, signs should be big and easy to read, organised seating, comfortable, separate area for ladies and men, children's play area 


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