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OHS Assignment

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HLTH N2210




(10% of final mark)



Research the subject of Occupational Health and Safety. You can use the library and/or the internet.


  1. Find a definition or meaning, in your own words, that you can understand.


  1. search to find out how OHS applies to you in a health care environment. Specifically make information sheets about:


  • what to do if there is a fire.

  • the correct way to lift something heavy.

  • how to keep the office safe for employees and visitors.

Use suitable images


NB: Provide a reference for your materials. Make sure you understand the material and can discuss it in class in your own words.


Create an Occupational Health and Safety page on your work space. Upload your work to that page. Create a link on the side bar.


This work must be done independently.


Deadline to complete: Sunday, 20 February 2011



dee/OHS Assignment/2/15/11

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