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Week 3

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Each student should complete the activities below:


Topic Activity
What is professionalism? 

Work in groups to review professionalism in health care.  Write down all your ideas. Use the project that you completed for Organisational Behaviour. 


Work with another student to write a definition of professionalism. Type your definition in the Professionalism in health care jobs - definitions page.

How is professionalism shown in different job roles?  Each group will be given one job role in health care. Discuss how people doing that job can show that they are professional. 
Tuesday's lesson activity 

Compare professionalism of two job roles in health care. Work in small groups. Discuss the two jobs. What is the same? What is different? Write notes and be ready to give feedback.

Professionalism in health care jobs.pptx  

Professionalism in health care  Read the instructions for the assessment to be completed this week. Work independently. This assessment is worth 10%. Deadline to be complete on your workspace is 1 May.
Improve your workspace 

1) Delete the template pages that you don't want.

2) Set up a folder for your images to organise your files. 

3) Edit all your links to make sure they open in a new window (check the box).

Time management workshop with Miss Catherine from student services 

Time Management & Organizational Skills.pptx  

Write notes during the workshop to help you answer the following questions:


1) How to manage time (general ideas).

2) Describe your weaknesses in managing time.

3) What tools and ideas you will use to manage your time better in the future.


Review your notes after the lesson before you complete question (3). Present your answers in any way that you like, but do check your spelling and that the presentation is clear. Upload your time management information to your Professional Development page.

Feedback from students 


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