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Week 4

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Each student should complete the activities below:   


Your Keywords  Use https://bubbl.us/ to mind map keywords about your skills and qualities. Save a copy or upload for your professional development page. 
Review CV 

Answers these questions:


1) What is a CV?

2) What do employers look for in a CV? (Take part in a task - you are the HR manager)

3) How can you make your CV get the attention of people?


Check the suggestions about improving your CV and updating. Look at examples of CVs to decide which ones attract attention. 

Best CVs  Use the External Resources link on the side bar to find ideas about the best way to write and format a CV. Review your CV again and make another version.
Cover Letters 

Research and discuss what to include in a cover letter. Look at examples of

cover letters to get ideas of format and information. Make a list of points to remember. 

Practice writing cover letters  Write one practice cover letter for a job. Show your letter to another student and discuss the content, spelling and grammar and your formatting. 
Write a cover letter for a specific job   Your assessment will give you a job advertisement and job description for a specific job. Write a cover letter, attach your CV to your letter. Fold both documents correctly to fit a DL window envelope. 
  Wordle: CV key words 


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