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pivot table how to

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Step 1

Start Excel and open the workbook file where you want to create the pivot table.

Step 2

Format your data as straight lists of values. For example, you might have month, type of product, salesperson, or income.

Step 3

Select the data you want in the pivot table.

Step 4

Open the Data menu and select Pivot Table and Pivot Chart Report.

Step 5

Click the radio button in the first section for "Microsoft Excel list."

Step 6

Decide if you want just a table for your data, or if you also want charts. Then Click Next.

Step 7

Verify that the range of cells you selected is listed in the Range field.

Step 8

Click Next.

Step 9

Decide whether you want the pivot table in a new or existing worksheet, then click Finish.




PivotReport and PivotTable are tools to summarise large amounts of data. See the example below:





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