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Welcome to Organisational Behaviour

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Organisational Behaviour is one course in the Health Office Technology programme offered by the Higher Colleges of Technology in the United Arab Emirates.  The textbook will give you most of the information that you need.


In this course, students explore the following topics:


Week No  Topic  Student tasks 

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Organisation structures in health care

Al Ain Hospital

a) Make an organisation structure.

b) Research hospital structures in Al Ain 

Final review answers

Job roles in health care 


a) Identify clinical and support job roles

b) Describe main duties of three job roles 

Job roles in health care

c) Complete job description research and summaries student research

Quality and audit in health care

a) Define the terms quality and audit

b) Explain continuous quality improvement

c) Design an audit checklist for a medical secretary




a) Define the term accreditation

b) Describe how organisations receive accreditation 


c) Explain how accreditation benefits staff and patients 


8 Independent Learning

Practice case study

Finding problems and reasons in case studies

9 Customer care

a) Define customer care (video)

b) Give examples of good and bad customer care in health care (videos)

10 Customer care

c) Analyse what is needed for good customer care in health care (Durham hospital standards)

11 Customer care

d) Survey customer care in a hospital or clinic in the UAE (example patient_satisfaction.pdf )

e) Analyse strengths and weaknesses 

12 Customer care

f)  Recommend improvements for customer service in health care

13 Interpersonal skills

a) Define the term interpersonal skills 

b) Give examples of interpersonal skills needed in health care

14 Interpersonal skills

c) Analyse strengths and weaknesses of interpersonal skills of self and others. Use observation checklist (customer care project) and AT5 team checklist evaluation (professionalism project)

15 Professionalism in health care 

a) Define the term professionalism

b) Give examples of professional behaviour in health care 

16 Professionalism in health care 

c) Write a code of conduct for professionalism 



Students are encouraged to carry out research in their local health care organisations.   




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